“One Scientific Inc. is a U.S. based hydrogen technology supplier with the mission to accelerate widespread adoption of sustainably sourced hydrogen. The company developed a portfolio of unique technologies based on magnetohydrodynamics (MHD) and cyclonic gas separation. MHD based hydrogen production systems are carbon free and can save up to 75% on production cost versus conventional systems. One Scientific Inc. patented technologies are available for licensing and collaborative application development.”


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“Topasol LLC is a world leader in the research and development of in-situ formation of nanoparticles for use in specialty coatings and composites. Topasol LLC owns intellectual property, pending patents and trade secrets, for a unique process (INSITU NP) to create nanoparticles in-situ of various different commercial coatings. INSITU NP is a competitive advantage to companies developing new technology to improve various coating properties such as hardness, biological resistance, optical properties, sensor properties and other uses Topasol is also developing precursor concentrates of nanoparticles to be subsequently dispersed in resin compositions.”

Faraday Energy

Frontier construction of carbon-based electronics.

In-House Labs, LLC

    “In-House Labs, LLC is a laboratory consulting that assists in the start up and maintenance of drug testing laboratories. Our CLIA Personnel can provide Laboratory Director, Technical Supervisor, General Supervisor, and Clinical Consultant to be listed on your CLIA with our support services. IHL’s laboratory technicians (with education and experience equal to or surpassing CLIA requirements) will remotely access laboratory’s computer to analyze the LCMS data prepared by your laboratory’s technician. This includes review and analysis of the standards, quality controls and patient data performed by laboratory, as well as logging and analysis of such quality control data.”

Shepherd Chemical

“The Shepherd Chemical Company develops and manufactures metal-based chemistries that create value and brighten lives. Our specialty chemicals are essential to technologies for consumer safety, environmental sustainability, advanced product performance and industrial process efficiency.”

David H. Wang, MD, PhD – Associate Professor of Internal Medicine, Division of Hematology and Oncology; University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center

Dr. Gary Jacobs – Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering at The University of Texas at San Antonio

Dr. Jia Yang – Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering at Norwegian University of Science and Technology

Muthu Kumaran Gnanamani – Senior Research Scientist at the University of Kentucky Center for Applied Energy research

Michela Martinelli – Research Engineer at the University of Kentucky Center for Applied Energy Research.

Cornelius Masuku – Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering at University of South Africa

Krystel Castillo – Director of the Texas Sustainable Energy Research Institute

Dr. Aron Huckaba –  Assistant Professor at University of Kentucky  

Dr. Cornelius Masuku –  Associate professor at Purdue University, Davidson School of Chemical Engineering  

Dr. Arno De Klerk –  Professor at University of Alberta, Chemical & Materials Engineering