Dr. David Coulliette

Contact ⇒ David.Coulliette@Asbury.edu


Dr. Coulliette’s Curriculum Vitae

Courses taught @ Asbury University

MAT 120 – Concepts of Math & Technology

MAT 181/181L – Calculus I w/ Lab

MAT 182/182L – Calculus II w/ Lab

MAT 351/352 – Applied Math I & II

MAT 442 – Numerical Analysis

MAT 475 – Senior Seminar

Educational Background

    Although I grew up in the south Alabama/north Florida area, I came to Asbury University after high school and graduated with a math major in 1981. After that I was a part-time graduate student, earning a master’s degree in mathematical sciences at the University of Central Florida in 1984. I studied at Florida State University to receive my Ph.D. in mathematics in 1992.

Professional Background

    After graduating from Asbury, I served for over 20 years in the U.S. military. I served for 5 years in the Navy Nuclear Power program and then transferred to the Air Force where I worked in both teaching assignments and research and development. After retiring from the Air Force in 2000, I returned to teach at Asbury. My research interests have focused in fluid dynamics and related areas. My dissertation area was mantle dynamics, but I’ve spent most of my research effort in environmental modeling. Most recently I’ve been exploring computational finance.

Why I Love Mathematics

    I was pretty intimidated by my first calculus course at Asbury. I’m not naturally gifted in math (I scored higher in verbal than math on my SAT), but I love the challenge and the structure of math. When my calculus professor assigned the odd-numbered problems for homework, I did them all. The undergraduate course that excited me most about math was differential equations. When I realized that I could model real-world processes with math, I was hooked. This interest in modeling a variety of phenomena led me naturally into computational mathematics. Even when we can get a good math model for a process, it’s useless unless we can solve the model. Computational math is expanding into so many areas that the applications are hard to monitor! I’ve seen some amazing fluid models of blood flow through the heart and now I’m playing with ways of forecasting in the financial markets. I love applying a known technique to a new problem or enhancing an existing model to make the simulation more realistic. So many problems…so little time!


 What I Do for Fun Outside of School

    I’m blessed to have a job that’s a lot of fun. I have a great family. Carol and I met at Asbury University and we have a daughter who graduated from Asbury and a son who was a football player at another university. When I’m not differentiating or integrating, I like to exercise. My wife and I lift weights four times a week in an effort to counteract my pencil-neck geek genes. We also enjoy riding our tandem around the beautiful Bluegrass area. I’m a motorhead, so I spend a lot of time working on the family cars and motorcycles. I’m also a big Florida State Seminole football fan.