Caleb Engler

unspecified    My name is Caleb Engler. I am a sophomore at Asbury University and currently working on an engineering mathematics degree. My main interests are designing and engineering. For pastime I also like sports, music and archery. As a Christian I make it my goal to serve God and do everything for His glory, as well as develop a relationship with Jesus Christ through prayer and devotions. My career goal at present is to pursue an engineering-based job. I’ve always had an interest in flight, and plan to eventually work towards getting a job in the field of aerodynamics. Recently I have developed an interest in chemical engineering as well, and enjoy working in the lab. My input on the current Crew projects has been to build and design the apparatus for an algae based experiment, as well as monitor and collect data.

Sarah Smith 

image.png   I am a Junior Chemistry major, History minor at Asbury University, with dreams of being a Forensic Chemist for the FBI. I am from Vienna, Virginia, located just outside of Washington, D.C. I work in the Science Department as a Chemistry Stockroom Assistant, and occasionally as a lab assistant for various classes. I am a captain for the women’s lacrosse team at Asbury, I am the historian for the Alpha Beta chapter of the Sigma Zeta Math and Science Honor Society, and I am the Secretary for our Student Governance Association and the Chair of the Elections Committee for Asbury’s Student Congress.

I am currently working on conservation efforts alongside the Miller Media Communication Department. I study some valuable artifacts that range from old theatre and film scripts, to film and stage concept art, and books containing architectural drawings from the 18th and 19th century. We are trying to discover ways to best preserve the art and determine methods of cleaning the materials once the levels of deterioration have been determined. We need to not only determine the source and extent of degradation but also the base that each artifact was crafted upon and the medium of the artwork.

Harrison Williams

picture1.png    My name is Harrison and I am an Engineering Mathematics Major with a Chemistry Minor at Asbury University. I have always been interested in science, math, and how things work, so engineering seemed to be the perfect fit. My love for chemistry began in high school and increased as I learned more while working on my minor. I decided to begin pursuing a Chemical Engineering route, which I plan to finish at the University of Kentucky. In the future, I plan to finish my undergraduate degrees (Engineering Mathematics from AU and Chemical Engineering from UK) in the next two years and begin working in the engineering industry after my undergraduate studies.

Young Koh


      I am a Chemistry major, part of Asbury University’s class of 2020, and I have been fortunate to work under Dr. Shafer on various projects since the fall of 2017. These years have been a fantastic time of learning, that have allowed me a degree of exposure and insight into the world of research, grant writing, presentations, and professional networking in the scientific field that I didn’t think would be possible as a first year student at Asbury. I have also had the privilege to work under Dr. Wang over the summer of 2018 in Dallas, Texas on projects that further advanced my understanding of research, particularly in the biomedical field. My main subjects of interest include enzyme catalysis, zeolite design, and cancer cell polarity in esophageal adenocarcinomas.

Bryce Forry

Bryce Forry Headshot

I am a biochemistry major and member of Asbury University’s Visionary class of 2020. I plan to pursue medical school and I am considering a career as a physician-scientist. The objective of my current project with Dr. Shafer is to synthesize a cavitand nanoparticle complexed with gallium to serve as a drug delivery vehicle with antibiotic properties. My previous experience includes a project at Asbury with Dr. Bruce Branan investigating the levels of ochratoxin A, a mycotoxin, in black walnuts and professional laboratory experience as an intern with Mettler-Toledo in Columbus, Ohio. I am uncertain of my future research interests, but I hope to pursue areas that will satisfy my passion for both chemistry and biology.

Tyler Thompson


I’m a student at Asbury University, pursuing a degree in Computational Mathematics with plans to graduate in 2020.  While at Asbury, I’ve had the opportunity to work with Dr. Coulliette on several occasions, mostly on deep passes during games of Ultimate Frisbee but also occasionally on math.  I’ve always been a problem solver, so from my first lines of code I’ve loved being a programmer.  I also love playing sports, especially Frisbee and basketball.  I’m a gamer and hope to one day be a game developer.  After graduation, I’d like to go to grad school for either computational mathematics, business, game design, or some combination of all three.